Wednesday, June 02, 2010

My Shit is Fucked Up

This is a post mainly for Torn and Morty. They are the two most poop-centric folks I know.

So, I was driving back from the gym the other day and actually listening to commercial radio (shut up, I know!), when an ad for the Cleveland Zoo comes on. I don't know what captured my attention to said commercial, but I will venture it was the use of the word 'poop'. One does just not hear that word in radio ads much.....or at all.

One of the zoo's attractions this summer is a program called the Scoop on Poop. It truly is an educational program that has exhibits like 'Turd Trivia' and 'Who Dung It?'.

You can also go to Stool School where visitors can "hop on a scale to see how long it’d take an elephant to defecate their body weight." I know you've always wondered - now you can find out and finally get that full night of rest that has been plaguing you for years!

It is totally not lost on me that tSoP is being co-sponsored by the Northeast Ohio Sewer District. It is a great tie-in and I love that both the zoo and the sewer district went with it.

And while both Morty and Torn could be visiting guest lecturers at the zoo, Becca will be happy to know that this entire summer program is based on a book by one Dr. Wayne Lynch from.........wait for it....wait for it.....wait for it.........Clyde Peeling's Reptiland (no, that last word is not a typo).

At Halloween, the Metroparks does Boo at the Zoo. You'd think this year they'd do Poo at the Zoo.

I truly wish I could find the radio ad to post on-line, it is both hilarious and clever. As the copy goes, the Scoop on Poop might not the the first reason to go to the zoo, but it is Number Two.

Song by: Warren Zevon


tornwordo said...

Ba dum dum ching! That is pretty clever. One of the things I loved about the last zoo visit I had was the "guess the poop" exhibit where you had to match the animal to its feces. What could be more fun!?

Morty said...

Sounds like a buttload of fun!

Birdie said...

I suppose. At least on your blog it's only an annual thing!

anne marie in philly said...

well...poop! IT'S FUNNY! I have the mind of a 10 year old right now...

rebecca said...

Good God, there actually IS someone "from" Clyde Peelings??? Who doesn't just operate the cash register?