Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lost in the Supermarket

One of the most underutilized things we do here in our fair city is frequent the West Side Market. Nary a Food Network show that ever comes to Cleveburgh does not mention, stop and film there.

But it's on the west side and we live on the east - which means almost nothing, but it is funny how the two really don't interact.

Our normal grocery stores have iffy produce at best. The West Side Market has great everything - which is why we need to frequent there more often and not utilize some of our chain stores as much. WSM doesn't have some of your staple things, like cereal and most condiments, and that's what we'd use your typical store for.

This place has operated in the same place since 1840, so they must be doing something right. It's also nice to have a bustling space of community. The place is always busy.

This is the back entrance. I should have gotten a shot of the front, but I didn't.

This is just the building for produce. Fruits and veggies, if you will.

These folks, are veggies. We got some romaine, peppers and corn. mmmmm. I didn't take a pic, but we also purchased grapes, strawberries, watermelon and bananas for some ridiculously low price. I'd say almost half what you'd pay for much worse quality elsewhere.

The other building if filled with meats (see above), poultry, cheeses, breads and desserts.

We did not purchase any desserts. While I love love love them, I'm afraid they are the reason for my lack of weight loss. They say to lose one pound per week, you have to cut 500 calories from your diet, per day. UGH. That is why I got bananas, strawberries, grapes and watermelon. We did purchase two rib-eye steaks though.

The later in the day you go, the more they start hacking amounts off the prices. SCORE!

The bread section is neat too. We didn't buy any but Denton put it nicely when he said some were like works of art. I'd almost hate to cut into this loaf.

So the goal is to shop at the West Side Market more often to pick up our good so we can prep meals for the week. It will be better quality, healthier and potentially cheaper. It does mean planning meals more than we do, but that's a small price. I hope.

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Birdie said...

Planning meals is my weakest point. 5:00 rolls around—every day!—and it suddenly occurs to me we need to eat something. If hubby plans and buys the fixins, I'm happy to cook it up. Lately he's doing more of the cooking, and I'm happy to wash the dishes.

tornwordo said...

So true how the produce at the supermarket sucks AND is more expensive. I've found too that if you go to a Chinatown market, all the regular stuff is cheaper there than in the supermarket too. Do you have a Chinatown in your city? Somehow I don't think so.

Blobby said...

We do have a Chinatown, actually. It is not large by other city standards, but it is here and thriving.

Jonny said...

We go to a Farmer's Market every Saturday and buy local. Our chicken, beef, and pork are all from local, free range, certified organic farms. The eggs taste SO much better. Same for produce. We only use the Harris Teeter for packaged stuff: soy milk, cereal, condiments, etc..

cb said...

I do love a good market, and that looks like a good one. Except for the crowds.

anne marie in philly said...

reading terminal market in center city is like your WSM. if I lived in the city, THAT would be my supermarket.

but since I live in the burbs...

spouse is growing tomatoes and peppers this year; we feed ourselves and the neighbors with the bounty.