Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting Better

So, I think the sunburn is getting better. Or I thought.

It has gotten to the point where I can sleep at night. I normally sleep on my left side and that had been more than a little painful. But the last two nights I've made it through with out a lot of wake-ups when I make a roll or slight move.

Then at the gym yesterday I was feeling ok about it all.

I even ran into a neighbor / friend / work-out guy at the gym yesterday morning. I had just done my weights and the focus was on arms and chest. I stopped to chat on my way to the showers and he goes, "look at your arms....."

I was about to say something like, "oh thanks - I have been working on them...." when I realized he wasn't talking about any kind of definition, but the redness that still existed for all to see. Dang.

But at least I made a joke out of it and he played along, as he always does - so I didn't feel like a complete moron.

But since I got nothing to really blog about, I thought I'd at least show you progress from 2nd degree burn (my assessment - I got no clinical back-up on this) to almost tan. Day One was on Monday's post - so you can go back and look at that pic. The rest are below.

Day Two: more red than Day One. To be expected. Please note the nice urban look: briefs exposed above the pants. No worries - I went back to business casual right after the pic was snapped.

Oh - total farmer's tan/burn!

Day Three: Still pretty red. Still pretty painful. But I'm kind of hoping it was just the blue of the shirt that made the colour pop. No such luck.

Nice face in the first pic (yes, sarcasm). I hate to say it, but I look a lot like my dad in that.

Day Four: I swear it is not as red. I still might avoid peeling and the upper arm might become tan like the forearm. Here's hoping.

Oh - and I'm sure I'll get a skin cancer screening sometime this summer. It is a perk of working in healthcare.

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Brettcajun said...

Dumbass. Use some SPF next time boy!

tornwordo said...

Second degree is when it blisters. Otherwise it's first degree. That sure stays red a long time! I'll only stay red for a day and rarely do I peel.

Birdie said...

You already know this was a mistake, but did you know the damage is cumulative? Your skin never forgets. I love the sun, but I had melanoma almost 25 years ago and I am lucky to be alive. Use that sunscreen.

david Joseph said...

I just want to know who else is in the stalls watching...waiting...

cb said...

Nice gay farmer tan.

(It's gay because its sleeveless)

David said...

You are not the only one with a farmers tan right now. I have one too from running and I swear every time I go out in the sun my skin peels. Hi, just discovered your blog from a link on Brettcajun's blog :-)