Monday, March 08, 2010

I'm Not the Man

I almost typed, "I'm a patient man....", but then I caught myself and started laughing.

While it is a great opening line, it couldn't be farther by the truth.

I have my moments, I'm sure. Take the last three or four years. I continue to get emails to my non-Blobbysblog address for someone of a similar, but not same exact, first name. To be clear, my first name is in the email address.

This guy alter-ego of mine lives in Texas. I get his invites to Baptist BBQs. I know that he has a water leak in one of his properties that is causing havoc. I (he) have been asked to attend reunions, parties, events and outings.

His (my) non-response to these events must either be making him horribly unpopular for not participating, or they all think he's got some dementia going on with not remembering getting an invite they know they had sent.

Before you condemn me, I have sent a number of responses back and number of times each - and never once got a "oh sorry..." or "thanks for letting me know....". Nope, I just continue to get his emails.

So imagine my glee when he (I) got a new email the other day that I've been sitting on - not 100% sure what to do with as of yet. I think I'm going to play the role of troublemaker. First, let me give you some snippets of the email:

When they spilt, they stopped talking hanging out or being apart of each others lives …it made me sad because it made me think of us, naturally seeing as our recent situation, and how I missed us being friends. You have been a big part of my life since I have been in college and have been a great friend to me. I know things have to be different now that we aren’t dating....,


Lately, people having been asking me if we are getting back together—and I’m sure you have gotten this too—but I simply don’t have an answer for them.

I think I (he) might reply to Caroline, who is so close with her ex-boyfriend that she doesn't even know his correct email address. And he (I) might have an answer for 'them'.

Caroline, while I have enjoyed the time we spent together, I realized that you are just not the one for me. I don't see how we can ever date again, nor even be friends. Each relationship comes with an expiration date and ours has long since passed. And while this is no reflection on you, I wouldn't feel right not telling you that I am currently seeing someone else. In another setting, I really think you and Hank would get along - as you are so much alike.

Take care and be happy in all you do.

I'm guessing that will either stop all the emails in the future, or completely flood my mailbox. There's probably no in between.

Song by: 10,000 Maniacs


tornwordo said...

I'm curious about the result. How weird though.

Larry Ohio said...

Where'd my comment from yesterday go?