Friday, March 12, 2010

12 of 12

Ok, I think I need one more placeholder for a regular monthly post. I have my Records of the Month - Classic and New. I have Shopping with Blobby. I have my Site of the Month.

So now I'm attempting 12 of 12. I'm stealing from Tornwordo, Kelly and a few others who do or attempt this.

If there are formal rules, I don't know them. I assume you should be taking these on the 12th, but that's not going to happen. I will take them on the 11th and post them on the 12th. Deal with it!!!! Or what if you're supposed to take them on the 12th and post them on the 13th?

Fuck it - there's no governing body who's going to sanction me - right? So without further ado:

05:35. My gym locker. The good clothes are hanged up elsewhere, since there isn't enough room here. My shower stuff, boxer briefs, socks and stuff are just shoved in here along with my ring, wallet, keys and iPhone.

Euclid Avenue at 07:15. It was only 49 degrees out, but hell, that's a frickin' heatwave in Cleveland - let alone in March. So yeah, I cracked Viggo's moon room. While sitting at a light, I turned and snapped part of Severance Hall - home of the Cleveland Orchestra and possibly one of the most acoustically perfect performance centers. You might know it from some European building in Air Force One.

07:30. This is the floor of the lobby at my office building. Hideous, no? Dated, yes? Believe it or not it is not 1984. And to add insult to injury? This is brand-spanking new! They just ripped up an all marble floor and installed this shit. It is rough and looks dirty enough though it is not. Total FAIL!

This is the view from my office. Looking right down East 9th St - South. Purdy.

11:30. This is what "husky" men eat for lunch: Salad (say it like Spongebob). Saaaal-add. It has low fat citrus vinaigrette . The fixin's are egg whites, broccoli, cucumbers, tri-colored peppers and onion.

12:15. Ralph Perk park. Ralph used to be mayor of Cleveland. People still remember the Cuyahoga River catching on fire. Some of us older folk might remember Ralph setting his own hair on fire. The park itself was a horrible design where the homeless could hide in corners and dips that were built into the park. It was scary during the daylight hours. At night, a year ago, it became the site of an execution style killing - four men having two others kneel in the park and shot them - one died. Since then, the park is under major renovation - as you can kind of see.

12:20. On the way to a client, I passed Jacob's Progressive Field. Opening day is only a few weeks away. I'm so excited. No leaves or even buds on the trees - so it still looks Winter-y here, even though it was in the mid-60s by this time.

This is Viggo's center counsel. You can see I have in a CD and am on track 8, and it is 4:01 into the song. I don't have a fancy-pants stereo system that can play .mp3s or one that is sophisticated enough to tell you the track title or artist. Viggo pre-dates that technology.

This is me, driving down I-77 at around 70mph Let's see. Where was I again?

Ok. I didn't really go in, but I saw it and stopped for the picture. I was hoping it would say Girls Girls Girls and Beer. But it didn't. Of course, I immediately thought of Stewie Griffin going in and asking, "is there anyone here who hasn't had a c-section?" Should I bother to mention that at 16:30 when this pic was taken, there was not one empty parking space to be had. A bunch of someones were getting their lap-dance on.

The day ain't over though. I came home at 18:30 and made salsa, but not for myself. Denton has a pot-luck today and needed to bring something, but was totally unprepared. So, being the great guy that I am, I came home and made it. Honestly, it looks better than this picture.

19:00 - it's time to hang with my girl. You guys see a lot more of Sophie in this blog than you do of Tovah. She's a pretty girl, no? And she loves her dad. Me, that is.

That's it. My inaugural 12 of 12. Let's see how it goes.


tornwordo said...

well done!

Cubby said...

Excellent post! Fantastic even!

Jonny said...

You lost me on the first paragraph. Math is HARD! I just looked at the pitchers. Are you sure that's your lunch and not a dog's breakfast?

A Lewis said...

I'm trying to see your sweaty used shorts after your workout in that locker. And the salad looks super yummy!

anne marie in philly said...

baseball season (licking her lips in anticipation)...tight butts allllll over the field...

pretty steven and meredith approve!

have a good weekend, blobby!

Birdie said...

I love the idea of 12 of 12, and you've done a great job here. I just can't remember the fool camera in time.

cb said...

I could have SWORN the Girls Girls Girls place said "Jews Den" on it.

Now THAT would have been funny!

Jill said...

Welcome to the 12! Thanks for sharing your day and a great picture of your little girl. She's SO pretty.

Blobby said...

@CB. It is HAD said 'Jew's Den', chances are, I would have gone in.