Sunday, March 07, 2010

Running Up That Hill

I'm an early riser, as you all know. Or you should know by now. And if you've read at all for content (and retained any of it), you might remember we live on a slightly heavily traveled road that has had it's share of accidents and even that guy plunging over the side of the ravine to his death (which also got us a shiny new guardrail!!!). Oh we also live on a hill and near two large hospital systems.

Trust me, I'm going somewhere with all of this backlog of information.

So, even while I was awake for the most part by 04:30, I didn't get my hairy derriere out of bed until 06:20. As is my routine, I go immediately to the loo. I was barely in there when Denton goes, "there's a car in our yard". Naturally, even though I wasn't groggy, I did shout down for him to repeat what I thought I had heard. I got the same response.

I throw on sweats and head downstairs to see one cop car, one ambulance, one firetruck on the street and one car in our yard. Well, on our property, not quite onto the lawn. That hill from the road to the lawn is steep and heavily wooded. And while there were probably siren going at a time for these emergency vehicles, I didn't hear them, but they are so frequent, I've learned to blot them out. Anyhoo, I grab the camera and we make the trek out in to the cold cold morning air.

I will be the first to admit, I know zilch about minority social habits. So, when I get to the street, I'm a little surprised to see three other cars with 4-5 people per car, in or around them. I gathered from the conversations, they were not in some kind of convoy, but that the person who drove up onto our yard had some kind of phone tree where multiple people were notified and then dispatched to our street. Oh - and they were called before the police were.

Maybe the police were never called and just came up on the accident - it was never made clear.

The ambulance and firetruck were leaving as we approached, so no injury or fire (or fuel leak). No one seemed to get arrested or tested for alcohol, that I saw. And one guy who clearly was not there during the accident (since he said he arrived before the police) said it wasn't 'reckless driving', which got an audible chuckle out of me.

C'mon, there is a car up a hill and stuck in our yard. The driver, even if never ever ever driving this road before, clearly missed these

...and I didn't even bother taking pics of a third sign on the left hand side of the road. It is clearly marked. Let's ignore the fact that she ignored that first sign that says 20mph.

Because no one can be going only 20mph would go over that island in the last pic and not get a tire track in the dirt until halfway through said island (where she lost her bumper). Or the fact that she had to cross another lane, go up and over a sidewalk and 30 feet up a steep wooded hill. Yes, I'm implying she was going at least 45. And not even a skid mark like she attempted to break.

And before you ask: no, she was not driving a Toyota!!

Yeahhhhhhh, buddy, that is not reckless driving! ...and I never even watch CSI and I figured all that out.

Denton and I had to approach the officers to tell them it was our property. They seemingly could care less. Curt, they were, in fact. They cut Denton off and he went back into the house. I did not.

I walked around and took pictures of the accident scene, for our protection. A woman who was in the car, told me, and I quote: "you best not be takin' pictures of my license plate". I plainly told her I was, as it was my property she has damaged and I needed it for my documentation.

A guy with her attempted to apologize, but I know in a scene of an accident never to say something like "that's alright", since it implies you're fine with whatever happened. I said nothing.

He also tried to imply accidents like this must happen all the time. I reassured him in the five years we lived here it had never happened, to which the lady had the nerve to say to me, "oh, don't worry, they're only trees!"

Oh no she di'int!

I should have asked for their insurance information, but let's just say, I felt outnumbered, they were an angry bunch (for whatever reason) and they clearly knew where I lived. I did get their information from the cops though - so I have that and will get a copy of the police report.

I'm glad no one was hurt (though they almost tread upon Kylie's grave!), but since they seemingly cared so little about what they did to our property, I have a certain satisfaction that there car is fucked up beyond belief.

From this angle, they almost made it onto the lawn.

Ok, that's gotta hurt. I don't think tires are supposed to go out at an 80 degree angle. Boo-fuckin-hoo.

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tornwordo said...

The excitement! I can't wrap my head around a person who tells you not to take a picture while they are standing on your property which they have just damaged. Honestly, what is the deal with people. So did they manage to extricate the vehicle?

Kevin said...

Wow some people!

cb said...

Perhaps she cleared out some of that pesky underbrush...

Larry Ohio said...

"You best not be trespassing" is what I would have responded.

Wild story Blobby, but great pics. I wonder just what, or who, she was doing in the car when she tried to wreck your place. I'm always suspicious that many accidents happen due to attempting sex while driving. I know how many time I almost forfeited my life while trying to have a little mobile fun. That guy was her passenger at the time of the accident, right?

BTW, You got WAY more snow there than my inlaws have here in Bay Village (Greg and I are here for the weekend). It sure looks dismal.

Birdie said...

Yikes. That's the kind of excitement I can do without. I've never understood people getting attitude when they're the ones who caused the trouble. Defensive maneuver, I guess. Now you have to deal with the system to get it over with. My sympathies.