Sunday, March 28, 2010

Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)

Our weekend guests are gone. Sad but true.

We had a few people you guys might often read about here for the last few days: Morty, Rebecca and Meredith. And Ripley. Unfortunately, Jon, George and Andrew could not make it.

I love 'em to death, but thank g-d they are gone. Kidding. Well, kind of.

The thing is, Denton and I feel the need to kind of always entertain and be "on". ...and that just is harder to pull off in our old age. It's exhausting. The joke is, these guys have known us forever and don't need us to entertain them and be "on". They are (and we are) happy as-is.

I really do kid about them being gone. It is great to see them and we never do it enough. I (not even we) see one or two of them one or two times per year, but as a group, we find it harder and harder to congregate all at once, and all in one place. Adulthood sucks! We do it more like every 3-4 years.

I would say we did nothing out of the ordinary, but that's not quite true, but I'll probably save that for a post tomorrow. I'm already late getting this one published.

We did cook, eat and drink a bunch, but not to excess. Well, not to our standards of excess. To anyone else, possibly. Our garbage on Wednesday is going to have lots of bottles clinking as we get them to the end of the driveway.

We also watched Superbad, because Becky had never seen it. It is still hilarious.

But now they are gone and it is grey and raining. Maybe it's a sign that we are all sad to not be together. Or maybe it has to do with evaporation and the weighing down of clouds until the let loose with precipitation.

I will say this, the cats are not completely sad that everyone has left the building. Like clockwork (I'm told), they showed up about one minute after the door closed when I went to take Becky to the airport and Meredity left with Ripley (which is her big black lovable pooch). The cats do not take kindly to doggies, as they have just not been exposed to them very much. But they are grateful to have their kingdom back.

So Denton and I have agreed when I returned from the airport, we just have to make a greater effort to see all these guys, individually or as a group.

Song by: Robert Plant & Alison Krauss


Morty said...

I was exhausted when I got home. A bit of melancholy due to our wonderful weekend coming to an end. And knowing it will be too long before we're able to do it again.

Thanks to you and D for hosting us at the manse, and catering to our every need, both culinarily and alcoholically.

rebecca said...

Grey and rainy melancholy here too. But today is bright and sunny, and I'm thinking our next trip should be down south, so we can get some fresh air and see Johnny?

And yes, a bit thanks to you guys. It was soooo lovely just to veg.

rebecca said...

LOL, and why that pic??