Monday, March 15, 2010

Man-Sized Wreath

I don't really care if you care about Obama and what he's doing (or possibly not) for the economy. That's not really the point for this post, nor do I think little old me is going to change your mind one way or the other on this matter anyhow.

I'm a bit annoyed at bad word-play in newspaper headlines - like 'Coffee Manufacturers Brew About Tariff Costs'...or something similar to that crud.

And as backwards as Ypsilanti Echo might be, no one is fooling me that they don't have editors that didn't purposefully let this slide.

I mean for g-d's sake, in the first two paragraphs alone Tom Brandt uses the words or phrases: 'sparing the rod', 'raise the membership', and 'congressional muscle'.

That doesn't include 'rammed through', 'bulging', 'swollen' and 'jacked up'.

If you want to know whatever happened to "journalism", I think we just found out.

Song by: R.E.M.


Birdie said...

The "journalists" who wrote this are probably tittering over pulling a fast one on an unsuspecting public. Please.

Curtis said...

Sounds like a good plot for a porn movie.

cb said...

Now THATS a story I could get behind!

Erm, I mean, in front of.