Thursday, March 18, 2010

Man Smart, Woman Smarter

Sorry for the late launch, this a.m. Usually there is a post waiting for you, but I had a travel-work day yesterday that lasted a lot longer than anticipated. I was out the door at 06:00 and home at 23:15.

I could have been home at least three hours earlier, but I stopped off in Columbus, my old stomping grounds, to have dinner with my friend Phyllis. Sorry Mort. Sorry Dith. Sorry Tom G. I could have called, but I'll be seeing most of you next week and I had not seen Phyllis for at least a year.

On a whim, as I was leaving my client, I called Phyllis and axed her if she wanted to go meet for dinner and she readily accepted. I was still and hour away, so she had time to get ready. And we went to Cap City diner, mainly for two reasons: it was right off the freeway and it has Maytag Blue Cheese Potato Chips.

Ok, I picked it for one reason - and it wasn't the off-ramp access.

Damn, I love those chips. Too much.

But I love Phyllis too. She is not only my friend, but was my boss for a bit. One that I stayed in touch with over the last 20-21 years. It is safe to say she was my first professional mentor. I really enjoy working with smart people and she is one of them. And she's funny and personable.

I started thinking about it on my way home, that I've had a few really impressionable bosses over the years - and just as many non. But four of the five have been women. Maybe it's my gayness that makes me bond with them, or maybe it's just that they are smarter.

Phyllis helped develop me. Clint (not a woman), truly gave me opportunities and challenges, but he also showed me how not to act - by his example mostly. Heather, whom I still see every day I work out, gave me lots of room to do my own thing and was wicked street smart. Nancy, is possibly the smartest person I know and used to be Clint's and Heather's boss - so she helped bring me along. Then there was Sue, who like Clint, is what you do not want to be in life. But at least she taught me that.

But our little dinner last night lasted 3 hours!!! It was nothing about work and all about our families. I've seen her kids from kindergarten through college (oy!) and her husband through his heart attack. As always, it was fun and way too short, but I had a 2.5 hour drive ahead of me. I had to scoot.

And then this morning, I missed my 05:30 workout call due to being sleepy. But I got my ass there by 6:30 so I could work off those chips. I've added some new ab routines and I am HURTING!

Song by: the Grateful Dead

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Kris said...

Did I know Scott had had a heart attack? When was that?