Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Poet Game

I am not sure he'll be a happy man about this, but one of my favourite bloggers who went silent running about 18 months ago, has resurfaced, and just as silently.

RJ March and I had off-line discussions, upon Collide/Connect being shut down, in which he insinuated he might come back in another form, most likely unannounced. And this is exactly what he has done. Bastard! : )

It sounds weird and stalker-like, but RJ was a frequent commenter on my blog and me on his. We had just as many email exchanges and there were a few too many ways in which we were alike. I don't think it was creepy, but for an outsider, I could see where others might.

When he went silent on his blog, he went silent on my blog. Bummer. I totally missed (and miss) that. Maybe he still reads me. Maybe not.

But he's back. Not in tales of life, per se, but in the form of poetry. I suppose those are or could be tales of life - or sometimes they are just words strung together.

I welcome him back to my blogroll - whether he knows I have put him there or not. Read him if you like. He is an intelligent man and a very good writer.

I leave you with the link to poetry under the influence.

Song by: Ani DiFranco

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