Monday, March 01, 2010


You know the episode of the Office when Dwight Schrute has his stability ball fitness orb?

It is a fitness orb and it has completely changed my life. Forget everything you thought you knew about ab workouts. This ab workout is specifically designed to strengthen your core. Numerous health benefits, strengthens your back, better performance in sports, more enjoyable sex. Plus, improves your reflexes.

 Or so says Dwight.

With that kind of endorsement, why wouldn't a mere mortal like me get one?

It looks large, doesn't it? I got the 65cm one, as it said it was for folks taller than 6'. But it seems a bit on the large size.

I actually got it through PT since Adam thought it would be a good idea for some of the things Dwight mentioned. And while Andy didn't say aloud that it would improve my sex life you know he was thinking it! You know he was thinking it would be "more enjoyable" with him.

But what you see is in my office now. I use it about half the day, so far. I haven't progressed to sitting on it for 10 hours, and maybe I never will. It does indeed improve your posture and stability though. I do feel it strengthening my core and back just because of the way you have to sit. Maybe it's not strengthening, but I'm getting sore doing it.

Positive changes in reflexes? Sports? That remains to be seen.

And on day one, I was sitting in my office someone walked by and goes, "look how big his ball is", to which I responded, without turning around, "that's what she said".

Maybe in hindsight it was unfortunate that I said it someone from HR, but hey - she said it to me first and set me up for it. No worries, it got a big laugh. Someone else came back with "at least it's not blue". HA!!! Blue balls! Get it?

As for Adam and physical therapy, I shan't be seeing him again. At least not until my next accident - or in my dreams. He discharged me from my therapy.

Fully recovered? Probably not, but I'm 95% there and I have a new routine for my workout to keep the back strong - and I can start back to easing into Spin. He was very proud of me - or so he said.

Song by: Tom Jones


A Lewis said...

Oh yeah, you'll hear the myriad of ball jokes....and you should!
I've tried using one at the gym. When I'm on my back on it, it hurts my lower back horribly. And I tried and tried to do "Flying Supermans" on the ball, face down with arms and legs out, but the floor must have been slanted...because the ball always tried to roll away. Not pretty.

Nice to see StevieB said...

You’re a paper hoarder too. I'm not alone.