Saturday, March 27, 2010

Waste a Little Time on Me

Sorry to do this to you, in a way. As I said, I have a houseful of guests and not a lot of time to draft a good post between eating, drinking, talking, drinking, Spinning and, well.....drinking. My days are very full.

But yesterday I mentioned the David Letterman Film Festival. The man had two of them, that I remember and they were like 20+ years ago. But the PMS film I referenced yesterday was still my favouritest short film they did.

This was the second. Angst on a Shoestring, starring Bette Midler.

It's a shame the intro interview to the film wasn't included. Letterman and Midler were quite funny as I recall. And I have great recall. Somewhere in this house we also have the VHS (yes, VHS! - not that we have anything to play it on) with the entire Letterman episode on it.

I'll try to fill you in about the weekend in another post. But I gotta eat a little something before I take Morty spinning......and then drinking.

Song by: the Michael Stanley Band

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Birdie said...

Best line: " 'Cause you're never around!"

I want an accompanist to my life. But with more than five keys.