Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Everything Counts

I finally got around to filling out that 2010 Census.

It's not like it took too much time and effort, and yes I actually did it a few days ago, but just getting around to blogging about it now.

Ok, that's a lie. I drafted the post days ago but had other things to publish first, so, this is just stock blog info. There - happy now???

I have to say, I'm amazed at the number of television ads that are out there for census information - that it is coming and why to do complete it. I'm not sure the demographic they are actually targeting, but these ads seem to speak to most of the people who would already comply with request.

Of course, I'm seeing this through the eyes of a white male.

The underserved are not looking at these ads, in my opinion, and saying, "hey! they're talking about me!"

And neither are those frickin tea-baggers. Those putzes, storming the Capitol and talking assassination threats against those they don't like: homos, people of colour, democrats! Basically anyone who is not them. I suppose they think the government is trying to getting all this information on their bidness to spy on them with this info.

Actually, I hope they don't fill it out. Let them lose representation and funds. Fine by me.

It’s estimated that Ohio could lose $12,000 per person over the next ten years for each Ohioan not counted in the Census. That means if we have just a 2 percent undercount from the last census, our state could lose $2.7 billion in critical funds from the federal government over the next ten years. If we experience a 5 percent undercount, that total value of lost federal funds would increase to $6.8 billion.Cuyahoga County alone represents over $334M and $836M respectively. It must be true, Sherrod Brown told me so.

Personally, I can easily see at least 5% of our county not completing this. Easily easily.

As for over the next ten years, hell, who even knows if we'll still be in this state in 2020? At this rate, Ohio might just padlock the gate at the border after everyone has left. But we'll be that much closer to "retirement" (not that that will truly happen) and I am not sure Cleveburgh is where I want to spend my final ambulatory years.

For a split second, I thought it would be fun to say I spend part of my time 'in jail or prison', but who needs that karma to come around and tap me on the shoulder?

Since this time, I filled out the census, I marked that we were same-sex unmarried partners. In 2000 Mr. Partner did not do that - as I don't think he wanted the government getting all up in our bidness.

....and no, he's not a tea-bagger.

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David G said...

The census ads on Hispanic television are totally different, very interesting.

They target community distrust of the census, emphasizing that all information is confidential and does not get shared.

They are also giving away free music downloads if you share contact information with the census bureau, with a chance to win tickets to a "secret" concert if you refer your friends. A whole different game!

(Yes, I was trying to learn Spanish by watching MTV3. Learning many new words!)

Birdie said...

Okay, this entry guilted me into finally filling out my census form. Sure is short compared to the last one. And our household has one less person, who had better be filling one out at her new residence.

I have the privilege of being in the category this census was written for, making it very easy. Your post and others like it show me how difficult a supposedly simple thing like this can be.

A Lewis said...

You are as twisted as I am. I was SO TEMPTED to tell them I was in jail and a pervert (part of that is correct, actually) But, I complied.

cb said...

Did you scribble "GAY!" all over the census??