Friday, March 05, 2010

Carry that Weight

Yes, Blobby is still struggling with a little Blogger's Block. Whatta gonna do? I'm not just not that exciting these days.

Possibly a little down too.

I'm struggling with yoga and well, my weight. Nothing huge, but disheartening none the less.

Now that I'm done with physical therapy, I'm trying to get back into yoga. The scheduled times just seems to conflict with a few happy hours. What's that about? Clearly I've been choosing the happy hour over the work-out hour. I mean, I'm still doing my four times per week cardio and weight routines.

I did go to yoga last night and while my back is fine with it, my flexibility and balance are all kaflooey. I feel like I'm back at square one - and I'm not a happy camper about it. It is probably not as bad as I feel it is, but despite what most people say, my feelings are valid.

And there's the weight thing. How is it I've gained 4-6 lbs in the last month? It fucking took me 8 months to lose 17 lbs and now I'm on the upward curve. If I keep on this track, I'll gain the rest of that 11 pounds back in now time and keep adding to it.

Yes, one could make the argument that not doing yoga and doing happy hour is the cause, but it's not. I'm really not drinking a lot at all, or more often even. I'm just looking for an excuse. Maybe now that I can start spinning again will help control some of this.

I've cut back on my sugar intake and increased fruits in the last two months, but........what the fuck, people?

Yes, I've increased the amount of weights I'm lifting, but I'm not gaining that much more muscle mass (though even I am liking the look of my upper arms as I'm lifting. Yes, I'm vain).

So, when I got home last night, I was feeling a little blue. I should have never gotten on that scale.

Ruckiry (not Jon's boss), I had a chat with my cousin, David after my yoga workout. The man kills me. This is just one of the messages I got from him (and yes, we go to separate gyms):

I was in the hot tub at the gym and this woman next to me spent 5 minutes describing how a space ship was hovering over her house. The she looks at me and says, the STRANGE thing was that it didn't park in the driveway.

Even for his eccentricities, he couldn't make this up. It would have been so much funnier to be there with him while this conversation was going on. I wonder if we could have held it in check, but I'm assuming not.

Ok - now I'm off to think of ways to slim down.

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tornwordo said...

We suffer from the same malady. It took twenty months for me to gain 20 pounds. Slow and steady, but relentless.

Birdie said...

Ah, you may have hit the dreaded plateau, when your body has changed its metabolism to adjust to the loss of calorie intake. You need to shake up the metabolism again. Be sure you're eating protein and fiber in the morning.

Larry Ohio said...

Why are you not going to the same gym as David. He seems like a natural workout buddy, and everyone needs one of those. You really ought to talk to him about it.

I tell this to everybody, and I've told it to you before, but here it is one more time: stop eating restaurant food!

Back in the olden days (pre-1980s), Americans used to go out to eat only on special occasions. Nowadays we do it for almost every single meal. The result? We are nation of fat fucking slobs! (I'm looking in the mirror as I write this.)

Yes, it's convenient. Yes, it's tasty. Yes, it's making us obese. Stop doing it!

Refusing to go to restaurants is the number one reason I've lost 49 pounds and counting. Exercise is number two. You've got the exercise thing under control, now you just need to adjust what you're sticking down your throat.

Sorry I'm flipping out a little bit on restaurants, but I really feel strongly about it.

rebecca said...

What, all restaurants? Even restaurants where all you get is a salad, and a carafe of wine?

Robert, you're as slim as a boy! It's just water. Stop obsessing!

A Lewis said...

Perfect timing. I ran across both of these websites yesterday....I'm going to be checking them out myself and thought I'd pass them along:

cb said...

So you wouldn't appreciate me calling you a "fatty fatty two by four" then?

Dude, come off it. You aren't fat. Geesh.