Wednesday, October 21, 2009


The question wasn't 'how could this happen?'. The question should have been 'why doesn't this happen more often - or sooner?'

So Monday, my mother calls me to tell me that near our house, there are a number of police, fire engines, ambulances and news trucks. That can't be good - right?

And it really wasn't. It really really wasn't.

I've mentioned before, and blogged about, how many accidents we see on the hill that goes behind our house. Lots of fender-benders. Lots of totaled cars. ....but none like this.

One 1993 Audi that went around the curve. I'll assume a little too fast and a lot out of control. The car went over the curb and over the edge. One 76' plummet into a ravine.


The car landed on the roof, most likely killing the driver instantly.

I know they recovered the body, but don't know about the car. I don't know how one brings up a car 76' up a steep cliff.

They need to do something about that curve or the way people speed around it. I loathe the idea of someone suggesting speed bumps. I don't want to have to hear the thumping each and every time a car, truck or emergency vehicle goes over it.

Not only will it drive me nuts, if we ever had to put the house up for sale, we'd never ever ever get an offer. ...and no offense to the guy who went over the edge, but that would be the real tragedy.

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cb said...

Don't fret, Toonces! That hill is just Gods little way of thinning the herd a little.

Larry Ohio said...

That story reminded me of the first several times I went up and down Cedar Hill at the Cleveland/Cleveland Heights border. I nearly shit myself, and no I'm not exaggerating. The center lanes were reversible at the time and there was always someone going the wrong way, making them a death trap. And the intersections at both the top and the bottom of the hill had to be some of the most f*cked up on planet Earth. But strangely i went down the hill this past summer and thought it was just fine.

I'm sorry about that poor guy that got creamed. Terrible way to go.

rebecca said...

Hilarious ending. Only you!
My kids didn't laugh at Toonces. I don't get it!

A Lewis said...

Reminds me of when I watched a man go flying through the air and onto the curb in front of the San Francisco airport one day when he was hit by a speeding car. He lived....

You guys should sell tickets to these events....maybe even serve a dinner.