Thursday, October 22, 2009

Gimme Stitches

Finally, I can post pictures of someone else's surgeries besides mine! ...and I have permission!

I told you last week that Morty had sugary on his Achilles tendon. He finally got to see what was under his dressings - and thanks to his almost brand spankin'-new iPhone, so do we.

I'm not squeamish about these things at all - I've had enough cutting done on me to be one Froderick Frunkenshtein. But if emails were to be believe, Becky made fake fainting noises while Dity claimed to vomit.

You've been warned.

Jon and I both agreed this looked like a stump, but it is just the angle Mort took the picture. That is the back of his ankle and down to the bottom of his foot (to the right). Isn't that great?

I told him: chicks.dig.scars. !!! I guess he'll have to take my word for it. Poor guy. Like I'd know in the first place.

Here he is after he uncovered the wound and then put a more temporary cast on his leg, so he'll be able to get around easier. It's orange.

Apparently, like braces on your teeth, you can now pick the colour of your cast. Who knew? I've only broken one bone in my life and that was like 36 years ago. You only got plaster - off white. Morty went with the autumnal /halloween / thanksgiving motif.

Here's wishing him good thoughts and a quick recovery. George should put peanut butter on Morty's toes so the beagles can lick it off and just tickle his feet, and there's nothing he can do about it.

Song by: the Foo Fighters

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