Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Site of the Month

....and so early in the month to be doing this. I'm sure I'll regret it, but I'm all about work these days and not much else to report going on.

Have you seen Where's George?

It's a site to track where your hard-earned cash ends up. Since we as a country don't put it in the bank, it is more like, I spent it in at store A and want to see where it ends up.

Of course, you're dependent on not only you entering into the website (serial number and bill condition), but whomever ends up with the bill has to do the same thing.

Perhaps you've come across a bill that has it stamped (yes, stamped!) on it 'Where's George?' along with the url. Or sometimes people just write it on the bill.

Years ago, I did it for about three or four months - just writing the url on bills and putting them on the website. I probably only entered a dozen or two bills into the system, got bored and stopped doing it.

Who knew they had automatic notification when someone else updated the bill status. (click to enlarge image)

My $1 bill made it from Cleveland to Sunbury, PA - and it only took almost three and one half years to go roughly 350 miles. It seems like a slow process.

Did it walk there?

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Larry Ohio said...

That's one of those things that are cool in theory but loses something in the execution. Boring.

This is would be more fun for you... Send me a wad of fifties and I'll spend and track them for you. I'll let you know where they end up. Deal?