Monday, October 12, 2009


I'm on the road today. Just for the day.

If you can't guess to where - well........then I'm really kind of at a loss for you.

I'm in and out in a day. The flights will take longer than why I am going. What? I didn't say why I was going? Oh well - Deal!

I've never been to the city of brother love. I've been through it on Amtrak. I've connected flights at their crappy crappy airport. But I've never been to the city. I'm not really going to be seeing anything this trip either. Just what I can see from the cab.

How the meetings go will determine what I tell you - or don't.

Enjoy the day guys. Hopefully I will too.

Song by: Neil Young


cb said...

And I've never been to me...

anne marie in philly said...

dammit dammit dammit!

had I known you were coming into my home town, I would have met you for coffee (or as we say "caw-fee").

yeah, we do have a crap airport. but our historic stuff can't be beat!

I will be interested in your take on my city.