Friday, October 02, 2009

Rape Me

I dunno - the younger Roman Polanski was hot. No doubt hotter than the younger John Phillips. I guess if you had to have forced sex with one of those two, I know who I'd pick.

Andrew had to point out that Woody Allen is supporting the release of Polanski from his incarceration. It's nice to have that backing, but does one really want it from Woody Allen? Je think not.

However, it was kind of laughable when you really think about it.

Yes, there are a plethora of celebs who want Polanski freed and have his charges dropped - including his victim. Not only does she believe it continues to open old wounds for her, which I'm sure it does, but she thinks the California courts weren't fair to him either. I always found that kind of damning....not that the courts have taken any heed of her statements.

My most favourite part of this story is this snippet:

Actress Kirstie Alley wrote on Twitter "JUST FOR THE RECORD....RAPE IS RAPE...this is one HOLLYWOOD STAR who does not CELEBRATE or DEFEND Roman Polanski..his ART did not RAPE her."

(for the record, that was more than 140 characters! do stars get special Twitter exemptions?)

Too much upper case - for sure. Apparently, she's mad! And apparently, she sees herself as a 'Hollywood Star'. Really? Sad. So sad.

But she makes a point. Rape is rape - no matter how good his movies are or what kind of artist he is. And yet what do I hear about McKenzie Phillips? Not much other than so many people don't believe her - including her family member.

Bonnie Franklin has yet to take to her Twitter account.

To be honest, I think her story is way way way way way worse than Roman's little "tryst" (I know it's more than that....calm down....). More often than not, you see people blaming the victim. I have seen little or no sympathy for McKenzie. I'm not quite sure why. Why is that?

I'm not being flip when I say this: is it because she's borderline unattractive? that her rapist is dead and cannot defend himself? is it because it was her father and it is just something no one wants to think about, let alone talk about? is it because she's a woman?

I have zero answers on any of this - Roman or McKenzie. I don't know they do either.

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Birdie said...

Someone who's read the court transcripts of the Polanski case said that the 13-yr-old victim was drugged and begged him to stop at every juncture. Even if she had agreed, it would still be rape because of the dynamics of power.

Both men used their power over these girls—regardless of how the girls responded—and that is a crime any way you look at it.

Suave Knight said...

Yup, to quote Kirstie Alley (and believe me, I never thought for a moment thought I'd once in my life ever utter those words) rape is rape. I think Roman got a bad trial, there were extenuating circumstances, but he never let the system do its job. He should have realized that stars get off anyway (Woodie, Michael, OJ etc). So, if he just played the game all would have worked out. But by fleeing, he exposed the hypocrisy and invoked the moral wrath of the system. You can't do that.

As for MacKensie, I believe her, and also believe she is pining for any attention that will get her face (haggard as it is; bitch this aint 1977!) back on TV. I feel sad and embarassed for her. hopefully Wilson-Philips will at least give her a cameo in their next hit video.

rebecca said...

LOL, and I agree. Polanski drugged a minor, for heaven's sake! And the whole McKenzie thing is just too ew-y.