Sunday, October 04, 2009

Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes

I am somewhat reticent to even post this, not because of the content, but because there is naming of names and that thought that there are enough weirdos out there who shouldn't have too much information.

My niece, whom I have written about here before a few times, has just gotten her first bit of non-blog press. She is off to college, as you read about here, but has made some kind of name for herself in the one (plus) month she has been away.

Parent's Weekend was scheduled these last few days, and apparently she knows everyone on campus and everyone knows her. According to her parents, anyways.

But it was fortuitous that the student paper happened to do an article on Katie, her music and her videos right before her parents arrived. I know my sister was cautious about Katie letting people know her name on YouTube, let alone where she lived or went to school. But to be fair, she also let her make that decision once she was of age and out of the house.

It is my understanding the student radio station is also playing some of her songs - which is kind of cool. It'd be more cool if she had them with a publishing company that was paying her royalties for that, but all in due time.

The article was ok, but it is a student paper and there is only so much talent there. The writing style could have been better.

I'm not longer reticent about this post, as I opted not to put the link to the paper in this entry.

I've already had to go after some "kid" on YouTube who wrote creeeeeepy comments to her songs and also had his own "response song" about her, and how he'd like to "take her away" and crap like that. I left a message for him directly (which, yes, was a harsh one) and then reported him to YouTube.

Katie might somewhat be ready to be in the spotlight, but I feel awfully protective of her.

Song by: k.d. lang

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