Wednesday, October 14, 2009

What's New?

I probably have something better to say, but it's been a long week. What? It's only Tuesday? Oy.

Denton's aunt is staying with us, so I've been busy cooking and cleaning - like the good in-law I can be. I really do like cooking and wish I did it more. I find it completely relaxing.

But because of the visitor, I won't be creative and just provide you updates. Sound good?

  • I had a good trip to Philadelphia. Sorry Anne Marie, no time for coffee etc. My meeting was three hours long. I made it back to the airport with about 15 minutes before boarding time - damned TSA slow-pokes. The flights took longer than the meeting, but I think it was good and productive.
  • Morty's sugary went well. At least his emails have him in good spirits. I'm sure it has nothing to do with the Level 3 narcotics he's on. Ok - maybe a little.
  • Denton's car is still in the shop. Repair bills are now double the original estimate. I'm not surprised. I don't think the repair place are crooks. I just couldn't imagine it would only take the original amount quoted to fix the damage....and I was right.
  • We had dinner with my parents last weekend. Unexpected, but nice. We all went to a nice steakhouse they had not been to before. It was a slightly belated 53rd anniversary dinner. We had some good conversation and I like we can have an honest discussion about the potential of getting my dad a cane, a walker or even a scooter (for free! Thank you VA and / or Public Option Medicare!). I'm happier he is open to the idea. He's almost 90 and is aware of his limitations - which will be good when I have to take away his car keys.
  • Workouts are going well. Still doing free-weights and adding more weight every few days. I'll never be a big bench-presser, but it just makes me feel so butch! I know - feel, not am!

I think that's it. That might be all I got for now. For today. Until tomorrow.

Song by: Linda Ronstadt


anne marie in philly said...

s'ok...but the next time you come back for an extended visit, look me up and I will play tour guide!

cb said...

Well, week is about half over now. Hopefully things are continuing to go well

rebecca said...

I see nothing about my back pain here.