Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Killing with Kindness

I miss the days of living on campus (or near one) where you get to see little left of center things that just make up college life.

I like the would be liberal-bent of a campus that lets you at least pretend your ideals are achievable, even though you're striving for a job that pays more than the rent, all your beer and vinyl. You say you'd rather be helping the under-served, when in reality you're just becoming a corporate tool.

But there are days I'd really like the chuck it all and go do good....or pretend-good. Like this guy. I think it's a guy. I assume it is. No woman would really live in this thing - would they?

I don't really know what his objectives are, or how he's measuring success or an ROI. I don't know what is operational or expense budgets are. I have not seen a prospectus or business plan or any quarterly updates on how this kindness has spread, or not.

Let's not even talk about his productivity and how close he is to achieving that One Million goal mark. I mean - what is the strategic plan here?

I've lost my way, I fear. That's how I feel some days....like today...and yesterday.....and last week.

Maybe it would be nice to travel in a bus, campus to campus and spread the word of good deeds and that there is more to life than making your mortgage and car payments.

Of course, it would have to come with medical, dental and vision.....

Song by: Tears for Fears


Larry Ohio said...

Let me know if you find your way again. I'm still looking for mine.

word verification: excub. What the hell? Have I been tossed out?

A Lewis said...

Have you missed me around these parts? I've missed being here! Your post reminded me of my hippie alter ego and a few posts I wrote on it:



A Lewis said...

OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD! You didn't tell me!!! You had an RSS feed that I can see in my Google Reader now.........I haven't been this excited since I took my last piss!!!!!!!!!!!! Now you'll be seeing me around these parts more often........

Larry Ohio said...

Blobby, I cannot begin to tell you how happy Lewis' comment made me feel. I'm so glad I kept pressuring you to fix that RSS!

rebecca said...

No no, Larry, *I* kept pressuring him! It's because of ME!!

And Blobby, you DID wear a lot of vinyl in college. A LOT.