Friday, October 23, 2009

Forgotten Worlds

What a weird existence these social networking sites have brought us. Blogging. Twittering. Facebook. Linked-In. Like high school, I belong to them and yet do not feel that I fit in. But life is an extension of high school, so...........there's that.

Twitter has basically been non-existent for me lately. I can't think of the last time I logged on, let alone posted a twat.

Linked-In is there, but what do you really do with it? I know you're supposed to network, but it's just Facebook without the updates of, "I'm going to yoga now....". They want you to tell people what you're reading. Do I think potential employers want to know I'm reading "The Life and Times of Joey Stefano"?

I kid. I kid. That is a "movie", not a book!

Blogging, well, I am still doing every day. so............there's that. And I go to Facebook usually daily but will not tell FB what is on my mind on a consistent basis.

Now you folks know when I blog, I will mention Denton. For a long time I just called him 'the BF' because he did not sign up to be on a blog. I was trying to be courteous. Oh - stop laughing. I can be if I have to be.

But now and again he'll read what I write and I got caught for calling him 'the BF'. There's no winning. So now you get his name.

On FB, I don't really mention him at all. And by "don't really", I mean other than saying I'm "in a relationship", you'd just never know he existed.

One of Denton's friends (yes, not really mine) requested me to friend her on FB, and I did. Denton does not have a FB account either....or twitter, or a blog, nor is he linked-in. He's the so many ways.

When I do put what is on my mind, it's usually frivolous life things: gym, food, travel, etc. My #1 Facebook Fan is my cousin. We exchange stupid little comments back and forth on each other's posts. I could see where someone might know. I mean - they don't know we're cousins, so people could get the wrong idea.

Kathleen might be one of these people.

Denton gets an email the other night from Kathleen asking if he and I had broken up. The rationale? "Blobby" never mentions you on his Facebook posts!!!!

LOLLLLLLLL. I coud not stop laughing.

I don't know Denton found it that amusing. I confirmed to him, that I indeed do not mention him. ....and that I assume people think David and I are dating due to our back and forth. But I don't keep my friends - current or way back ones who haven't really kept up with me - up on my home/love life.

I'm not that guy.

...and trust me, as curious as Denton might have been on why I don't mention him/us, he's not that guy either. I don't think he ever emailed Kathleen back to answer her.

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Birdie said...

Oh, the gaps left to fill in! I write as though everyone I love and my boss are reading. Thus, a great deal is left unsaid, and the bloggers I meet think I'm the Church Lady. (Two of them have actually called me that.)

They have no idea.

A Lewis said...

Oh boy, I swear to god, you can't win....trying to say BF, the husband, hubby, and all of the others, has gotten me into trouble more than once. You may remember my post on the whole internet thing:

And now that hubby has a blog, he's world famous.

Larry Ohio said...

I keep hearing how Twitter is falling out of favor fast, but yet yesterday I read their numbers keep going up. Maybe the "cool" people have had enough of it and are moving on while the "wannabes" are still signing up.

Same for FB. I keep reading how high schoolers and college kids are abandoning it in droves while the 40-somethings are flocking to it in even bigger numbers! That's a true mystery, especially with all those imbecilic games.

I'm glad you refer to Denton by name. I think "boyfriend" can be so juvenile. My husband Greg is 55 years old. If I ever called him my boyfriend I have no doubt he'd knock my teeth out.

How about asking Denton to consent to you posting a pic? I want to see your better half.

tornwordo said...

I'm like you on the Twitter (never go on there) and Facebook (rare updates, no mention of spouse) and blogging. Well I posted every day for years though and now I post when I feel like it. Serge almost never reads the blog or goes on FB even though he does have an account there.