Saturday, October 17, 2009


I think I'm part jinxing myself on this blog entry a day thing. I hadn't really been giving it much thought for 9.5 months. But in the last month and the next 1.5, I'm increasingly struggling now and again to write anything......and not even of pseudo-substance.'s not like I ever have anything of even pseudo-substance ever. No need to rub it in (that's what she said!)

I've been consumed with budget meetings this last week. As rough as those can be, I think my process is going smoother than for most of my peers, but that is because I took us from the red to the black - so I earned some credibility. They are still no fun at all.

So, it's just another typical weekend day for Blobby: gym, lunch, everyday living things. Perhaps a movie. We'll see. We'll see.

Song by: Green Day

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Larry Ohio said...

I spent some time this morning looking at some of your archived posts from last December and January. I was trying to find where you made the decision to make a post every single day of 2009. I couldn't find it.

Apparently you made it at some later date. But why? What benefit will you derive? Some kind of personal satisfaction? It appears that didn't work because you've expressed your dissatisfaction on several recent posts.

Isn't a blog supposed to be a creative outlet for the author? Based on your recent posts, you seem to think your creativity is all tapped out. You have this self-imposed obligation hanging over your head to post something daily, so posting "something" is exactly what you do. To wit: your Oct. 9th post, for which you apologized even as you were writing it. Has your creative outlet instead become your prison?

It seems your decision to post daily was completely arbitrary. If that's the case, why not make a second arbitrary decision to post only when you have something substantive to say?

Seriously Blobby, stop torturing yourself. If you don't have anything to say, go ahead and skip.