Saturday, October 24, 2009

All the Pretty Faces

So there is this guy at my gym who is just - handsome. No other way around it.

Not striking. Not classic, per se. Just really really really handsome. And he's got a killer upper body. He might have a killer lower body too, but I don't know. He is one of the few, if not the only, guy there who wears sweat or track pants when he works out. Always.

But from the shirts he wears, he's got a great chest and really nice upper arms. And then there's that face!

I could never have him - because, well.....I'm so not in his league. And he doesn't meet my height requirement. I might overlook it (HA!, get it?) for him. Oh - there's that Denton thing too. Technicalities.

...and the man sweats like no one's business. This is not a deal-breaker.

I mentioned him on some level to my friend Todd. He looked at him and goes - "oh yeah, he's lost like 60 pounds in the last year." Impressive by any standards. But an additional 60 pounds on a guy like that would have made him heavy. So - maybe that's why he wears pants all the time. Weird skin and stretch marks. I'm just speculating, of course.

So, why do I write about him? Why you ask? Because to the casual observer, like me, he's perfect. ....except in yoga.

I so kick his ass!

Yes, I know yoga is not to be about judgment or competition, but I can't help it. The guy I see who can lift more than most, do cardio longer than most and look better than most ever will can't do what I do in the yoga studio.

It's petty, but in this unfair world, it's the only way to level the playing field.

Song by: the Killers


Larry Ohio said...

"Oh - there's that Denton thing too." I was waiting for that.

You are fortunate to have good-lookers around you at the gym. Greg and I are surrounded by a weird combination of senior citizens, high schoolers, and lesbians at our gym.

cb said...

yeah... there's like 40 of those guys at the downtown Minneapolis Y where I work out sometimes.

I hate them all.

A Lewis said...

I'm sure, positively sure, that Denton would understand.

And, BTW, remind me to never ever ever go to yoga with you. Embarassed here already.