Thursday, October 29, 2009

Dress You Up

Possibly one of the funniest things I have seen in a long long long time. I am sure it has to be making the internet rounds, so you'll just have to suck it up and deal with it here.

Of course, I hope you're seeing it here for the first time, but it's probably doubtful. I love the Onion's matter-of-factness on it all.

Sorry you'll have to sit through a short LG ad before viewing it, but you'll live. ....and that inconvenience is totally worth it. Totally!

you really need to watch/read the info blurbs at the bottom of the screen

Song by: Madonna


Curtis said...

This is a good costume for what I call the 'prancer'.


Larry Ohio said...

The little queer vamp was priceless! I'm still laughing.

Morty said...

Stay away from the fireman or cop or he'll just end up looking like a stripper

tornwordo said...

I hadn't seen it! Very funny. Thanks.