Thursday, October 01, 2009

No Cars Go

Not too much to report.

I got a call yesterday morning from 'the man'. He'd been in a car accident. Not his fault, but still in an accident on another rainy, cold, Cleveland morning - at rush hour.

Some lady ran into him - at least hard enough to deploy her airbag, but not hard enough on his end to set off his. That may or may not have been a problem - as he banged his head and neck. To say nothing of his coffee (in a secured travel mug) to go all over him and the interior of the car.

The woman was "bright" enough to get out of her car to check on him. Denton mentioned he was shaken and had hurt his head and neck. So what does she proceed to do? Get back in her car - and leave the scene.

He is kicking himself for not getting her info or taking a pic of her car / plates with his iPhone, but c'mon - he was startled and in the middle of four lanes of traffic. ...and at first he thought she might be pulling over to get out of said traffic. What a fucking bitch she was.

Cops came and got his info/statement, but no one else called in an accident.

Morty & crew chimed in that she was either texting while driving, drunk, had no insurance, had an outstanding warrant for her arrest, or it wasn't her car. Or all of the above.

So, yes, there is damage - to the car, not the man. He's feeling fine - at least he has to cough up that $500 deductible to get his car fixed.

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Larry Ohio said...

The pain won't set in for another day or two :-(

See, this is where the 2nd Amendment comes in handy. I would have launched a few RPGs at her ass as she fled the scene.

cb said...

That sucks. But now she's driving around in a car with a deployed airbag.

I hope they catch her.