Wednesday, September 30, 2009

My Favourite Game

So Cleveland has been selected as host city for the 2014 Gay Games. Yayyyy.

Maybe if BrettCajun loses that baby-weight and finally gets some man-feet, he can qualify for gay tennis. I kid....I kid. He knows it. I think.

I am hoping it will be a cool and well attended event. When I was in Chicago in 2006 for a work conference, the game were going on and the town was a-buzz.

The hope is, it will be great for the city, economically. The hope is, it will be great for positive reinforcement as who we are as a community.

I won't lie - I could have easily seen why the Games would have gone to another city. Boston's state has legalized gay marriage. DC at least acknowledges same sex unions from other states. Cleveland and Ohio have and do neither. Not only that, in 2004 we voted to make it a state amendment to ban gay marriage. Yayyyy us.

So, in a way, they say: we'll exclude you/us - but we're happy to take your/my hard earned dollars.

It's five years away - let's hope we can get it together by then.

Song by: the Cardigans


Larry Ohio said...

Good news indeed! Who knows where I'll be in 2014, but I sure hope I can come to Cleveland to see some of it.

The comments around the blogs last night were not complimentary to Cleveland at all. Lots of assholes who have never been to Cleveland or anywhere else in "fly-over over country" have plenty of anti-Cleveland opinions. Most of those assholes live in California, a backwards state that passed Proposition 8! Talk about the pot calling the kettle black!

I absolutely loved my 9 years in Cleveland and truly regret leaving. I wish Cleveland all the best.

Brettcajun said...

Grrr... perhaps I won't play tennis in the Gay Games. Perhaps I'll compete in the Bull Riding Competition. ;)

tornwordo said...

It was a big money pit when we had them up here, I hope Cleveland does better.