Wednesday, September 09, 2009

#9 Dream

Yes, I could have gone with "Revolution 9", which is also a John Lennon song (well, Beatles, but it was a John Lennon song!), but I didn't. My post title is more interesting and less creepy than the Beatles (White Album) track.

Today is 09-09-09. Not that I really care, nor did I mention it in any blog post for any date in 2004-2008. But it's Tom G's birthday and though I don't know how he is exactly celebrating, what a fun party theme. Of course, the party would have to start at 9:09, just for consistency sake. I'm sure he would make that so - as no one would throw him a better party than himself.

He's not self-absorbed, just the bestest party planner of anyone I know - and I bet he could step up to the plate to make a great 9-pretzel salad. Currently his record is 5. ...and he should have a great party. He deserves it.

9 seems to be big this year. The movie musical, Nine, is coming out out later this year. The sci-fi cgi, Tim Burton produced movie, 9, comes out today. Of course we've already had District 9 and the ill-fated Broadway version of 9 to 5 (hey, it starred Allison Janney - was anyone expecting a Tony for it?). If Nine Inch Nails did something, it would just wrap everything up so nicely.....or if Jon & Kate had another kid.

And speaking "Revolution 9", it should be noted that the entire Beatles' catalog is being (re)released today in stereo and mono (along with their Rock Band game). I'm half-tempted to get the stereo recordings, but it means physical cds, which I haven't purchased in years. Why have iTunes and the Beatles not come to some kind of agreement? It is not like either of them truly need the cash.

No, it's safe to say that Tom G's birthday is the best thing to come this day. Tom - if you're reading this, have a great day!!!!!

Song by: John Lennon


Jonny said...

Rumour mill has it that iTunes IS releasing the Beatles catalogue today along with their iPod refresh. Check at 1 pm Eastern for details.

rebecca said...

ok I read it!

Curtis said...


Well. It seemed appropriate.