Friday, September 11, 2009

Site of the Month

Once again, I sat on my SotM posting too long (and it's only the first third of the month!), but of course, now I see it popping up in Facebook (Meredity, Jack, Glenn and who knows else) making me look like I'm behind the times.

I'm not.

I can count on less than one hand how many times I've been to a Wal*Mart. Icky.

I totally get that they serve a certain socio-economic need, but when one is built and opens by you and you go in two weeks later and it looks like it's been open for 18 years, something is wrong.

So it is no wonder that a site for People of Wal*Mart exists and is so true to life.

There are some things I like about Wal*Mart, like the fact that one of my staff members at my former job (while I was still there) drove the get-away car after her boyfriend (though she was still married - and oh, 19!) knocked over their local one. Her aunt, who was a security guard there, helped them.

If that doesn't perfectly encapsulate the Wal*Mart experience, I do not know what does - though this site tries to do it through still pictures.


anne marie in philly said...

have you paged thru ALL the pix on that site?

there are some serious freak-a-zoids in this country!

support your local mom-n-pop shops, not this gigantor of slimy business practices!

Larry Ohio said...

As they say in India, Holy Cow! My favorite is the pic of the guy with the shirt that says "Things that Make My Dick Hard". Can you imagine going out in public with that? OMG.

Ok Blobby, a change of plans is required. Old plan was to meet you sometime when I'm in Cleveland and take you to lunch. Forget that. New plan: We're going to Wal^Mart, baby!!! And bring your camera! You and me, pal. Loads of fun.

Birdie said...

I'd say the heist was a tiny bit of justice, albeit aborted. Wal-Mart has been proved to lower the standard of living by at least 5% of every community where it resides, due to the tax breaks this massive corporation demands before it will build. Then, once the tax break period ends, Wal-Mart will either renegotiate for more breaks or leave. It happened within two miles of me. They moved across the street and one mile away to a new county, leaving behind a big empty shell and no taxes for the prior county. Other businesses will have to take up the slack for financing the infrastructure.

In addition to the tax issue, local businesses cannot compete and go under. Those employees lose their jobs, pensions, etc. and go to work for less money at Wal-Mart. Until Wal- Mart leaves. Fewer businesses, fewer taxes paid. The community suffers with delays in improvements and maintenance.

I won't shop there either.

Morty said...

Me either! Great summary, Birdie.

JSW said...

funnier then a sharty while changing a tire :)

cb said...

It so brilliant that I hate the website. Wish I'd thought of it.