Saturday, September 12, 2009

We Belong Together

If you're a reader of gay blogs like I am, you most likely came up on this whole thing in the last day. It's making the rounds.

I suppose if I posted multiple times per day, I could have been more timely, but I don't - and I'm not.

There is a 2010 Marriage Protection Act going on in California. While stemming somewhat from Prop 8, it is meant to not specifically target the ban of gay marriage - but taking it further: Banning Divorce. Period.

Is it tongue-in-cheek? Maybe. Maybe not. But if gays destroy the sanctity of marriage, then divorce must do that too - no?

I know a lot of people like their one phrase: "You said 'Till Death Do Us Part'. You're Not Dead Yet". Yeah, it's cute, but I like the Jesus one posted here better. It's so Jack Handy.

I'm not sure how long the site has been up, but it ain't got much momentum. As of this writing they had only raised $254. Hell, even the guy playing the saxophone outside Progressive Field has raked in more than that last night.

Song by: Rickie Lee Jones

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Larry Ohio said...

Yes, it's tongue-in-cheek activism.

The point is to get people all worked up about protecting marriage, getting them to say why traditional marriage is so important to them, then springing it on them that the petition they are signing is to outlaw divorce. They'll change their tune real quick.

Hopefully this guy is smart enough to videotape all this and put together a youtube compilation demonstrating the hypocrisy of it all.