Saturday, September 05, 2009

Speeding up to Slow Down

What is the point of making a speed limit in increments that are not of 5 of 10?

Even with all our technology, most cars cannot calculate an 8 mile an hour limit. And even if it could - is 2 miles really the difference between life and/or death?

I'd like to say I've sped up to slow down, but it's quite the opposite. My week of slow down was nice, but I'm paying the price, as I'm sure we all do after a vacation.

I would say I couldn't tell you how many emails I came back to, but I could. I could tell you I don't know how many emails I got when people realized I returned - but I can. It was just unreal. I got through most of my emails, but I can't say I really accomplished any work this week.

At least it's a three day weekend and only a four day work week next week. Oddly enough, right after my vacation, I need that.

Song by: Better than Ezra

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