Sunday, September 20, 2009


On Friday night - date night - we went out with our friends to see Julie & Julia.

I've always been fond of Meryl, what can I say? She is fun to watch work - even when, or if, it's a throwaway role.

Make no mistake, while she was good at her homage to Julia Child, and will no doubt get another Academy Award nomination for her portrayal, the movie was kind of fluff. I mean, it is Nora Ephron.

I wish I were a bigger fan of Amy Adams, but I'm not. I think she peaked playing Jim's girlfriend in a few episodes of The Office. Chris Messina did a good job, but he's just easy on the eyes - so who cares how he can or can't act. You might remember (or know) him from the last half of the last season of Six Feet Under, playing Claire's boyfriend.

Jane Lynch
was in it, playing Child's sister. She was great for the five minutes she appeared in it. She is clearly the go-to gal in movies and tv anymore. I swear, she's in everything. And rightfully so.

The movie is as much about Julie and it is about Julia. It's as much about relationships as it is about cooking. It's as much about food as it is about blogging. It made bloggers seem a little self-absorbed, vapid and all chasing some book deal. I can only identify with one of those traits.

Ironically enough, we went to a newish restaurant after the show. We had done both with our friends David & James - who seem to be our movie-going partners this year.

The irony comes in the way of the food. For a movie which talked so much about, and made it so important - Taste didn't really subscribe to that theory. The setting was nice, the owner was effusive, but the server was kind of full of himself (with no good reason) and the food was fair - at best.

Neither David or James finished their vichyssoise. They barely started it. My food was blah, but not horrible. David and I split the peach ice cream for dessert. But it seems they forgot the sugar....the cream....and the peaches. Or as David said, it was like cold cardboard - without the zing!

It would have been nice to finish up the movie night/date night/friend night with a good meal - but alas, that was not to happen. Live and learn.

For those of you counting.....this makes movie #8. I'm only one behind and if we hit a movie next week, I can totally keep on track for my 2009 goal.

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