Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Small Dark Movie

I don't even have a song title for this one. Sue me.

I'm off track for my movie goal of 2009. Same unrealized goal as 2006, 2007 and 2008. But I think we can get back on board. I certainly hope.

But yesterday we went to see Extract, which makes film #7 for the year.

I don't have much to say for it. My nephew really wanted to go, and now I'm assuming he played me to get into an R-rated movie without his parents permission. Just a hunch. Good for him. Clever kid.

The movie was so-so, at best. It is possible it is one of those that is better upon repeated viewings, like its predecessor, Office Space, it might be funnier. But at the cost of the theater, it makes it that less funny. It's why you get the McCormick's image as opposed to the good stuff that an Ina Garten will tell you to use. You get sub-par.....just like I did.

Jason Bateman is ok, but he is basically playing Michael Bluth (his Arrested Development character). He's a go-to guy anymore, but he can be so much better than the stuff he's in. Like this movie. Christen Wiig is possibly the most underused person. She is way too funny to be playing the straight woman. What were they thinking? A total missed opportunity.

Oh - and Gene Simmons? UGLY. There is a reason the man wears make-up in Kiss - to cover his ugly. I'm surprised there is enough make-up in the world. Oh, and he's no actor.

Speaking of "actors" - Ben Affleck? Denton said, "oh he's ok". Sorry, but for someone who has done a few dozen movies, shouldn't he be better than "ok"? He was actually pretty bad.

My suggestion was going to be for you to wait to see it on DVD, but then thought you might just want to wait till it hits Starz (it's not HBO or Showtime material). Or, for that matter, just wait till it hits Comedy Central in four years.

Song by: Lucy Kaplansky


Birdie said...

Thanks for the warning. After your suggestion yesterday, I went with my neighbor to see "Time Traveler's Wife." Yeah, total chick flick, not my usual cup of tea. But I got to see Eric Bana naked. I win.

Larry Ohio said...

I completely agree about Ben Affleck. He may well be the 2nd worse actor of all time (Robert Mitchum is by far the very worst).

I kinda like Gene Simmons. But of course ugly men really turn me on :-)

DrRuss said...

I was planning on seeing this movie today actually. Now, I will find some art film to see instead. You can catch my reviews on my blog (strugglesofatvaddict.blogspot.com) for any movies you might have missed lately.

Thanks for saving me $16--movies in NYC are expensive.

cb said...

Yeah I saw it too. It's a rental at best.