Friday, September 04, 2009

Chocolate Salty Balls

You see, I have no songs that have the word 'nuts' in it. What's a blogger to do? Isaac Hayes was the best I could do.

I can guarantee you they are not chocolate, but they probably are salty. ...or so I've been told. bada-bing!!!

Last year we saw a similar store on the way to Cape Hatteras, and I was told we could stop on the way back........but we didn't.

It turns out there is a Try My Nuts store closer to where we stayed, but the sign wasn't nearly as good as the big road-side one. ...but I still insisted on getting my picture taken in front of it.

I won't say I completely wussed out - but the plan was for me to just point at my crotch to get the effect. But just as the picture was about to be taken, some 74 year old woman walked by. I felt a little foolish and lot dirty.

We went in, but not because I wanted to buy cashews. I really hoped for a good t-shirt that I could wear to my parents on a Sunday, just to drive my mother over the edge. There seem to be one or two simple ones here, but in the store they were all the crappy cartoony ones. I didn't want the message to get lost in drawing.

Maybe another time.

Song by: Chef


Birdie said...

I think their marketing is missing a huge demographic.

Love that smile. :)

Jonny said...

I would have done a full on crotch grab! Give the old woman something to dream aboot! Nice arms by the way.

Blobby said...

I know - right???

I didn't realize until I uploaded the picture that I actually have definition!!!

who knew?

cb said...

**has mouth open and waiting**

Dith said...

try these

Unknown said...

Perhaps next time have a handful of nuts in hand and point to them with your crotch between your pointing finger and the handful of nuts ; )