Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Still Down

Still having big issues with not getting my blog published. I am tres frustrated. I'm convinced I'm losing all my readers as they leave me for other/better blogs. Who can blame them?

Blobby: it was my understanding this upgrade was to happen 10/16 - not 9/18
Anthony Y.: We apologize for the inconveniences and kindly ask you to wait migration end.
Blobby: but no one will tell me WHEN that is
Anthony Y.: It will take approximately 48 hours to resolve the issue. If any issues will occur please let us know and we will be glad to assist you.
Blobby: 48 hours from when? This started at 12:00mn 72 hrs ago
Blobby: and - the person who put in my ticket last night said my migration was complete.
Blobby: and i got an email today saying my problem had been solved
Blobby: migration. when is it scheduled to end?
Anthony Y.: Your account must be complete at September 25, 2009 as I know.
Blobby: so we are looking at 72 more hours on top of the 72 we've already been at this?

I left them a nasty-assed message that they should be thankful I was not a business who depended on my website to make money. I don't think they care.


Birdie said...

I checked in every day. I'm glad that you hadn't decided to stop posting. I've had enough surprises in that arena. Hang in there.

Larry Ohio said...

Dear Blobby,

I regret to inform you I have left you for other/better blogs. Good day.

I'm glad to see you are at least part ways back. Who is your webhost that is doing this? Name some names.

My webhost is giving me some grief since Sunday also, but not like you are having. In my case, I cannot upload images onto my blog, but I can post plain text just fine.

Who do you have?