Thursday, September 03, 2009

Bear Beach

I thought I'd throw you guys a few random vacation shots. Maybe not so random....perhaps more carefully chosen.

I guess this would be 'Bear Pool'

This would be Bear Beach!

Cool whispy sky - the day after Hurricane Bill

Oh - such a deep picture. Don't you think? And lookee how big my feet are! ...and you know what they say about big feet! Big boots!

Shadow pictures make me look thinner. I like shadow pics.

This is one of the mostest favourite pics I took while in OBX. It almost looks more like a painting than a digital photo.

Bear Bed. Me in the morning. Not the best angle or best shot.

A great sunset over the Sound.

Song by: A Camp


tornwordo said...

Great pics. Are you suffering from the post vacay blues now?

Breenlantern said...

yu photograph very well, handsome. Glad you had a great trip!

Larry Ohio said...

Ohhh that's such a beautiful sunset pic!

cb said...

That one pic must have been where God was carrying you...

Birdie said...

I'm going to assume you had a good time. Your expression doesn't exactly convey that, even though you still look great. (Smile, dammit.) I do love that "artsy" beach shot.

anne marie in philly said...

nic pix (and pecs)!