Sunday, September 27, 2009


There is a slight ray of sunshine from my blog being down for a week. But just a slight one. Maybe two.

My archives are back. All of them. All the way back to March 2000 and fucking 3.

When I switched from to just, I lost a lot o'shit. I didn't really lose it, but you couldn't see it. I could - but that didn't help you none.

So for those who care to see what I've bothered to scribble in the past, and have a few hours or days on your hand - go knock yourself out. If nothing else, you can see how I've progressed as a blogger - or not. I can't tell you what to feel about my writing.

The other thing that is fixed is my RSS feed. To be honest, the only person who seemed to care was Larry. I'd get emails or comments from him - and now he can get off my back!!!! : ) To be fair, he picked up on the fact almost immediately that it had been fixed. I've never used an RSS feed myself - so I don't know how it exactly works or what you'd do with it, but once again - go knock yourself out.

Now I have two more things to do: fix images that disappeared prior to October 2006 and get my blog image I used to have back on top of the main page.

I guess I have a third thing to do too - I will lessen the amount of posts on the main page, so the blog will load quicker. You see so many posts now because when they went to the archive files they disappeared. Now that that problem is fixed, I'll help get you to where you want to be quicker.

Don't tell though. I'm still pissed at them, even though, in theory they helped push me to fix some stuff.

Song by: George Michael


Larry Ohio said...

Get off your back? Dayum, boy!

cb said...

Allo, dis ees "Karen"... how may ai halp you?

Birdie said...

Your posts these days are longer and show much more thought and depth than those first snippets. I'll wander around some more; this should be interesting.

Morty said...

It now comes up immediately! No more brewing a pot o' coffee waiting for your blog to load.