Monday, October 26, 2009

Of Angels and Angles

I*I*I*I*I have been watching replays of Angels in America lately. It's been showing again on HBO.

It is not like I haven't seen it a dozen times before, as when it originally aired, I couldn't ever turn away whenever I caught it.

Six years later, the same can be said.

Tony Kushner is a frickin' genius with the pen. Or word-processor or typewriter, as the case may be. His flow, his words, his imagination are just amazing.

The cast is pretty incredible too. I mean - I can't say I am or was thrilled with Al Pacino. He seems to be playing every character he's played in the last 20 years.....or he's just playing Al Pacino and getting a check for it. There are a few actors who only play one character, but the same amount will play two, three or four different ones.

Years ago, I would have said my would-be beard, Mary-Louise Parker, was the best thing about the play turned into tv movie. But I don't know that's really the case. With a very interwoven storyline, I don't know that anyone works without the other character/actor.

Patrick Wilson, Ben Shenkman, Justin Kirk and Jeffrey Wright are as much the stars of Angels, as Streep, Pacino and Emma Thompson. Hell, I love how Vanessa Redgrave is thrown in near the end, just sitting there with nary a line to utter.

But it comes back to Kushner. Without his words, there'd be no one clamoring for a role in this thing in the first place.

If you haven't seen it, you really should - via HBO or NetFlix. It's dark, heavy, light, funny and poignant - all at the same time. Some it can be very difficult to watch, at least for me. Clearly, it is something I watch over and over again, so it can't be all bad, right?

Song by: the Decemberists


Larry Ohio said...

I think maybe it's time to give NetFlix another chance. I'd like to start seeing they old gay-themed movies that I can't find anywhere.

We used to have NetFlix in Florida. We'd mail the DVD back and it would take them 8-12 days to send out the next one. They were slowing down the service on purpose to make higher profits. They were sued to stop the practice, but we haven't given them another chance. Maybe it's time.

Larry Ohio said...

Double comment Monday!

I took a sec to check out the NetFlix website. Geez it's nothing like is used to be! Unlimited movies for 9 bucks a month. How can Blockbuster possibly stay in business? I talked to Greg about it and we're gonna sign up. I just hope they don't go back to their old tricks.

Curtis said...

I've got it in my Netflix - thanks for the reminder!

A Lewis said...

Oh hell, I saw the word ANGEL and thought you were writing about me today. Damn it.

cb said...

Emma Thompson rocks in that movie.