Friday, October 16, 2009

Lead Balloon

g-d, there was nothing in the news yesterday. Just that stupid motherfucking kid who was thought to go up in his stupid motherfucking father's helium balloon.

Apparently, I have a lot of built-up hostility today, no?

...and speaking of hostility and full of hot air.....Rush was denied buying an NFL football team. At least someone is doing something to stop that douche from being even more public than he is. Of course, this declination will just give him another three weeks of material.

I suppose that's ok - I don't listen to him. And I don't have to read about that kid either. It's kind of a shame that Rush and that kid weren't up in that balloon.

Yeah - I'm running on empty here. I admit it. But it was either this, or posting pictures of Morty in his hospital gown and cap. ...and I like Morty and would like to continue this friendship for another 20 years - or until I kick it. Whichever comes first.

It's his birthday today too. So his present from me is not posting those pictures. He can thank me later.

Song by: Liam Finn


Birdie said...

While I didn't learn of the balloon incident until the whole thing was over, turns out the parents rigged the entire event for publicity. They told the boy to hide "for the show." I hope they're charged.

Morty said...

My right wing facebook friends (high school, naturally) were starting prayer chains for the poor kid - hiLARious!

And you're granted 20 more years of friendship for keeping those pix hidden until my death.

cb said...

Too bad the kid/balloon thing was a hoax and publicity stunt. And too bad the kid didn't really escape that family.

or die.

anne marie in philly said...

if rush were in that balloon, it never would have gotten off the ground - that fat fuck would have weighed it down!

as for the kid, his parents should be fined and charged up the ass for wasting the public's time...period!

PS - word is "boids", as in "filthy, lice-ridden, disgusting boids (the producers, 1968 version).