Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Achilles Heel

Poor Morty.

Today he's having surgery on his foot. Or 'sugary', as he calls it. And yes, it is on his Achilles area.

Mort said it better when he got descriptive: They will cut me open, move my Achilles out of the way, remove the bone chip, shave part of my heel off (he says I won't miss it), re-attach the tendon, and sew me back up.

I think they use a Ped Egg to have off the heel.

For as long as I have known him - this might be his first sugary - and yet he's endured many a cut to my flesh and bone over the years. Unfortunately, I no longer live close enough to him to help him out fetching him jell-o, toast and tea. Thank g-d for laptops, iPods and podcasts to keep him busy. I believe Geo might be praising the heavens too.

He'll tolerate the surgery just fine. He's a tough guy - one who has taken on at least two dozen marathons, a few triathlons and one iron-man. ....and I've known some of the guys he has dated. As he says that Lance Armstrong says: It's gotta take ball.

I think Morty will be a good patient...........initially.

His inability to run for a few months will drive him batty, but I'm guessing he'll find other things to focus on. He'll finally get around to all the crocheting he's been putting off.......since birth.

But my thoughts are with him and I'll give him a day or so to recover before I give him a call. Naturally, they'll be emails awaiting him when he wakes up and checks his laptop when he can watch no more Judge Judy.

Surgery is no fun, for sure, but he'll be better than he was. Better. Stronger. Faster. ...and it won't take Six Million Dollars to do it. (insert your own healthcare reform joke here.)

Song by: Marti Jones


Jonny said...

I love the pic of Morty, such beautiful creamy white skin. Between you and me, that hat he's wearing is a bit much.

Morty said...

I'd KILL for those abs!

Love you, Blob - thanks for the tribute.

I'm comfy and happy and nervous about the boredom to come.