Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Rescue Me

We have a new family member. 

Things happen as they're meant to.  The plan was to go to the shelter and rescue a cat. Not to get a kitten. Then sometimes things present themselves to you that need you more. 

Leaving the gym the other day, I heard a meow. I looked around to see this wee little thing, YELLING at me. And continued to yell at me.  ....and follow me as I walked. 

Of course, I couldn't leave it there. 

It took about 10 minutes for him / her to truly approach me. I sat on the ground with my hand extended, fingers on the ground.  They eventually came and rubbed the hand with their head. I slowly reached up and scratched behind its ears.   ......and that's all she wrote.  For both of us, I'm afraid. 

Unlike my last kitten rescue, this unnamed soul didn't hiss, bite or claw me when I picked them up. They cuddled. It would be an awkward drive home. I was holding them against where my abs should be, so putting on a seat belt was a no go. I cringed when I started the car, as I didn't want to the noise to startle. 

What I got was purrs and a few biscuits. Then I swear "she" fell asleep for a minute. 

Going by all her reactions - and the lack of a few - I believe she believed she was now safe. And I'm sticking to that story. 

I had Siri dial 710, as I couldn't dial.  I opened the convo with: "I'm bringing a new friend home from the gym".  He may have thought I wanted to open up our relationship with a trick I was picking up. I mean, if it were my crush from the gym - he might have been open to it. Who knows? 

As it is, the gym guy is only in town for a few more weeks. This little thing is going to be around a lot longer. 

710 could hear the meows over the phone. I swore we didn't have to keep it, but I could't leave them behind. Either way, our or another's, this kitten was going to have a good home. 710 also had to open the gate for me, because my hands were full. 

As you'd imagine, the kitten was starved and scarfed down whatever food we put in front of them, so we had to limit as to not overdue it. She liked the milk more than the water. As we haven't had rain for three weeks, I have no idea what they were surviving on for hydration. 

The kitten currently resides in a two room suite that has four chairs, a sofa, two ottomans, a steamer trunk and a table. The are now over all of them. The rooms have lot of windows - one being a sliding glass door which Shep looks into constantly, baffled by what is going on. She has seen him too - and then hid behind furniture. I think we need to introduce them sooner than later to decompress "the mystery". 

We think they are maybe 3-4 weeks old?  Dirty, but no seen fleas. And of course, we'll have them vet approved and confirm a gender - though 710 and my sister in law think it's a boy.  I keep saying 'she' only because we've only had female cats. 

Still, I suspect we are keeping her and not fostering. So your Saturdays might have just gotten a little more feline friendly. I know some of you are gonna love that. 

While I wanted an orange cat, I am digging the bovine / Holstein markings. If it's a boy, we can name him Elmer.   ....like the glue.  Or maybe Jim (aka Gym).  I can't see naming it "Elsie" if it is a girl. 

Song by: the Alarm


wcs said...

Awww... such a cutie!

Old Lurker said...

My goodness. I didn't see that coming.

You could name her Bessie.

Raybeard said...

What a 'find'! You did absolutely the right thing. Can't wai6 for the progress reports. Congratulations.

Travel said...

You have been rescued,

Anonymous said...

Lucky little kitten at least it has found a good home, hope it works out well for all of you.

Happyman said...

That kitten knew who to yell at. Saturday’s just got better.

Damselfly said...

What an adorable little one! Hope the vet pronounces the little one healthy and fit, and confirms the gender. Congratulations to you all!

Anonymous said...

Did you choose or were you picked? Doesn't matter. Hope it works for all.

Will Jay

James Dwight Williamson said...

Just saw that , between the kitty and Pat Robertson Dying it looks brilliant today.

Calvin said...

Just saw this post and am totally thrilled for all 4 of you. What a Mensch!