Saturday, June 24, 2023

Nice to Meet Ya

After we lost Sophie, and discussed another feline, while we didn't really want a kitten, I thought that perhaps Shep would do better with one, than he would a full grown cat. I was hoping they'd bond and nurture the kitty a little.  I might get my wish. 

On with the show. 

The second meet and greet was on leash. 
Shep was fine. Simon was more interested in the leash.  

BTW - the first meet and greet was Simon in his carrier. Shep cared less than he does in the pic above. 

Simon's first glamour shot. 

Next visit: no leash. 

Simon is not afraid in the slightest of Shep. He wants to play. Shep isn't so sure yet 
Simon has bounced on Shep then run away.  Baby. 

Bailey's 4th b-day. 
She got a dog cake. 

Oh yes, we're THOSE people now. 
Simon has a LOT of energy. I'm glad he's using it. 

Birthday trip to Bow Wow Beach. 

Bonding time with Dad II. 
All purrs. Maybe a bite or two. 

Lap kitty 

Shep stood up for himself. Simon did too. 
This lasted 0.02 seconds......and then all was fine. 

I think they're gonna be buds. 


Song by: Niall Horan


Old Lurker said...

Happy birthday, Bailey!

Oh my goodness. You've turned into THOSE people? Next thing you know Simon will have you handing him treats every two hours.

Raybeard said...

Simon and Goliath - the latter can dominate but it's Simon who's the charmer, already having got you and Dad2 under his paw. .
And very many happy returns to Bailey on her #4.

Travel said...

If only we could read Shep's mind.

Bob said...

We didn't want a young cat either but that's what wanted us, so there you all.
I love Simon and Shep window gazing.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Only the best wishes, Simon sure is growing fast.

Happyman said...

Yup. Those two are going to have some fun together.

Anonymous said...

What lovely photos they all look so cheerful and a lot of fun. Enjoy

Calvin said...

Great Caturday post. Glad Shep is getting to know his new sibling.

Ur-spo said...

Let us hope so!