Friday, June 30, 2023

Come Together

We have come to the end of Pride month. 

In theory, one of the most important ones, as we feel the attempt - and success - at repealing some of our rights. 

While same-sex marriage isn't on the GOP agenda - yet, they've already taken great strides at Trans rights, Trans youth, youth - period -, Drag. 

Honestly, they're doing a pretty good job of it - should you be on that side. They've told their voting public who the enemy is - and the laser focused on it, completely ignoring the pack of election promises they made which they had no intention of fulfilling. 

The things gay men and women of "our age" went through was at times painful, but nothing like the ones 10-15 years before us. I refuse to say the younger gay population has it "easy", but they've only heard about some of the struggles. I fear, they are about to find out first hand - and will have to refight the fight. 

The meme up top I've been holding onto for weeks, wondering how to use it. Apropos fits here. 

It is a painful reminder of what it is like. And let's be honest, for adult white males who are gay, we don't experience this discrimination as much as LGBTQ+  youth, people of colour or especially the T part. Even in a marginalized society, white men still somehow get a semi-pass. 

That is more the reason to make the entire LGBTQ+ community heard. 

For all communities who have not yet had their Pride events, please attend this year. Solidarity is more important than ever now. 

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James Dwight Williamson said...

This is a very difficult subject, while I don’t believe like JK Rowling and wish Caitlyn Jenner , would go under a bus somewhere . I would say yes everyone has a right to be who they feel like they are . The fact that these persons would go to these lengths to find their identity speaks volumes. I had feelings at an early age , I totally don’t regret my choices . I don’t envy anyone trying to find their one true self. I have come to believe I made all my own right choices and although I could lose a few pounds my body image is pretty good. I live in the body I was born in comfortably.