Friday, June 02, 2023

Ad of the Month

You don't need to say it, I will:  I do not post an ad monthly. 

The title of this post is a blatant lie.  The reality is, you're not keeping score, but I am. I know it to be an untruth. Yet I sleep soundly at night. know, as soundly as I can. 

When we went to the movies last weekend, they played an ad. Yeah, I know, happens all the time now. I'm paying to watch ads. Shouldn't my movie be cheaper? 

This one started with a warning you'd see on a movie or tv show about upsetting or graphic images. I got my attention. 

The ad is for Dove.  Yes, the soap company. Unilever, the parent company. 

I'll give it to Dove over the last decade. They're ads have been inclusive or race, age, body type. Granted, they do target women, mostly (though I do like their lightly, or unscented, Dove for Men soap), but don't all soap companies - unless you're Irish Spring and it's 1974?  Or Lava - same year. 

But the brand has also been sensitive in their approach but strong in their message. 

This is an ad that could, and would, never play on television - and not just because it is over 3 minutes long. Yet, I find it important.  Extremely important - and I'm not even a woman / girl.  

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Travel said...

Very important. It should be on prime time TV.