Friday, June 23, 2023

One of our Submarines

Well, I'm glad that's over. 

It only distracted us a bit from Hunter Biden, though I'm sure Pappy Joe was hoping for a longer period of time. 

Still, this is better than the round the clock manhunt for the Boston Marathon bombers. 

I'd like to say I'm sorry for these folks, but I'm really not, if I'm being honest. At best it endeavor was risky and frivolous. If you have $250k to blow on a trip like this, you're smart enough to have researched the company, the history, the safety guidelines - or lack thereof. 

And it got them round-the-clock coverage for days. And a fucking huge bill from 3-4 countries that no doubt will go unpaid by the families. I mean, you gotta believe the company has no assets now. Investors, should they have existed, probably pulled out. Anything else will be spent to settle lawsuits. Hell, even Everest sherpas have a $10k clause in their agreements to help the underprepared get down the mountain if they're stuck. 

Yes, the media buys this shit hook, line and sinker.  Allegedly there were 750+ refugees on a boat around the same time that went missing - but ya didn't hear about it. It capsized of course, killing all but 104. And questionable if Greece would allow those who survived into the country. 

So don't lecture me on humanity or providing good vibes. $250k, from that billionaire on board, would have fed and housed those 750 for years........but you me me.  I'm not saying they got what they deserved, but it's tough to feel sorry for them. 

But four countries looked for four days for something that probably imploded four hours into the journey. All the technology (with an Xbox controller) and a simple Apple Air Tag could have tracked that sucker. Ok - I'm simplifying, but you get it. They had three back-ups to it's ballast system - but not back up to find it. My iPhone has at least three ways to do that. 

The CEO was arrogant and even told CBS safety standards were overrated, and if you wanted to be safe to stay in bed. I'm guessing there are four others (or at least their families) who wished they had. 

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Old Lurker said...

I am a little sad. Rich people are better than the rest of us, and more worthy of survival.

On the bright side, space tourism should be picking up soon.

GregM said...

My favorite take from Twitter:


If I’m paying $250K for a trip to the bottom of the ocean, Imma need you to have more than MapQuest and vibes. The more I read about how unprepared they were… ain’t no way I’m cosplaying a sardine because I’m bored. It’s rich white man hubris.

"Cosplaying a sardine" 😂🤣

James Dwight Williamson said...

A travesty on the level of the Minnow and Gilligans island, and not half as entertaining. I was taught at an early age to recognize bad cars, bad boats and incompetent people