Thursday, June 08, 2023


I had nothing planned for today. 

I did my 5K for Global Running Day. I and I ran well. 10:06 average pace. 

The crowd was way bigger than I anticipated. I assumed it would be like 300 folks, but it was probably triple that. 

Since it was "global", they wanted connections, by standing in a big-assed circle (as you can see).  Then we were to make a new friend and tell why we each got into running. 

They insisted running wasn't an individual sport, but a community one. I walked around by myself talking to no one. It seems I might be the issue when it comes the not being able to connect with others. But due to this, the run - not a race - started 20 minutes late.

Plan, people. Plan. 

The good news was the two elevation changes (going up, that is). There was no issue for me, which is newer. And our air quality - thanks Canadian wildfires! - isn't the best. And I forgot my inhaler. But it all still worked out well. 

Best of all, 710 showed up for my finish - avec Shep.  He caught sight of me and started whining. Shep, that is. I probably made the mistake of waving to him and saying "hi".  He was SO excited. He started barking loudly (only way he knows how) after I passed. People in front me turned around to see who / what was making the noise. It was so sweet. 

There's another 5K this weekend, but I don't think I'll be around to do it. Who knows, maybe that'll change. 

Song by: Michael Martin Murphy

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Travel said...

We are hoping you will still be around this weekend. Many miles to left to run.