Thursday, June 29, 2023

the Waiting

I started back at the gym 15 months ago (or so). Yes, it was weight related, but mostly because I caught sight of myself in a bathroom mirror bending over and just saw gut. Honestly, I don't think anyone else would have thought a thing of it.  Me? I was horrified. 

In terms of the BMI chart, for my height, I should not exceed 185.  I was 208. 

Honestly, I hid it well enough under clothes, but I knew. And I'm not so sure the clothes truly hid anything, but I tell myself they did. 

As we age our metabolism changes, and I found it not so easy to get back into shape, let alone lose weight. My eating habits, while so much better, were still not great. They're better now, but I'm never gonna be that guy who watches what he eats very carefully. 

The gym and running have helped with the weight. It's taking longer than I wanted, but you know: persistence. 

15 months ago I thought "two pounds every month is doable" and in a year I can lose the 23 lbs I needed. 

My plans and my reality did not match up. Losing was harder than it seemed. But even on day one of the gym, I decided I would weigh myself only once per month and not obsess about it. I have stuck to that tactic, and my word. It's been mentally freeing. 

15 months in - and I finally broke 190. I'm in the 180s. Barely, but I'm there. 

While I always hope I lose more than I do, two days ago, I felt pretty good before my weigh-in and felt I would be in the 180s - which I probably haven't in the last decade. 


I'll take it. Only 3.5 more to go. But honestly, now I expect that to take the rest of this year.  ....and I'm good with that. 

Song by: Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers


Travel said...

Losing weight while still healthy seems to get harder every year.

Old Lurker said...

I think I have turned into one of those "healthy at every weight" jerks (not surprising given my BMI) but I am hoping you stay fit more than I hope you lose a lot of weight. You are already shapely enough to be featured on Fearsome's blog.

James Dwight Williamson said...

Well at least you’re losing, and trying and losing and trying!