Tuesday, June 20, 2023

Red Flag Diver

Not that most of you will recall, but I've stated numerous times here about my fascination with certain subjects, that I latch onto and read all I can about the subject.  JFK assassination being one of them, the Manson Family being another. Add Patty Hearst to that pile. 

But it started with the Titanic. 

Don't ask why. I have no answer. I had no affinity for boats / ships. Maybe if you look the subjects I just mentioned, I suppose I might be a freak for tragedy. I own it. 

I haven't really written about the Titanic since 2012 - the 100th year of it's sinking - oh, and maiden voyage. Technically, I did write about in 2016 with a minute-by-minute CGI video of the sinking from the time it hit the iceberg until it went under.  Morbid?  Maybe.  Fascinating? Absolutely. 

I'm sure in the former, I mention that I never saw the movie. Sure, I saw A Night to Remember with Barbara Stanwyck from the '40s.  At first, I was enthralled with the idea of James Cameron's movie, but when I found out it was less about the ship and more about - ugh - "love", I was out.  Yeah, I've caught some there and there, but only the sinking parts - and maybe Billy Zane. 

All that said, I do see the sites where it now resides as hallowed grounds. Groups fighting out remnants seem unseemly. And I don't think they ever did build that replica of the Titanic or had the same voyage (well, hopefully not the exact same one!) from the same port, at the same timeframe. 

So, well, I won't say I'm happy that a submergible craft carrying people who have too much money and use it for viewing an underwater cemetery, has not returned as planned, I'm ok with "now you're really part of the Titanic experience........happy?"

I suppose the five in the craft could be fine and playing Parcheesi just waiting to be rescued, but I'm guessing leaks, pressurization (or lack of)  or some other maritime issue have left them dead......and now two miles below the surface of the ocean. 

Myself - I am not really claustrophobic, but danke nein. I'm not getting in there, let alone two miles under the sea. I'd say the consequences are too great, but I might be overstating what is now clearly obvious. 

Unless there was some oxygen or carbon monoxide leak when everyone kind of drifted off to sleep, I have to believe the end - should it be ended - was quite horrific, physically, emotionally and mentally, much like for those in the North Atlantic 111 years ago. 

Oh, the company is gonna get sued! I'm 99% they had liability waivers out the wazoo, but that's not gonna stop anything. 

If the next company is smart, they'll do a 2-4-1 sightseeing tour with their new and improved submersible.

Song by: Aimee Mann 


rebecca said...

See? Wazoo is a much more common word than kazoo

James Dwight Williamson said...

I read they had up to 70 hours of auxiliary oxygen but the odds are they’re toast

Travel said...

My guess is the only asset of the company, was the now unlocated sub, and the owner/chief was onboard. I have a piece of coal recovered from the wreck site soon after the discovery of the location.