Sunday, June 04, 2023

Pride (in the Name of Love)

10 years. 

That is how long since we have been to Pride in Cleveland.  

I suppose it has been sooner than that, but I can find no corresponding blog post and let's face, if I didn't blog about it, it didn't happen. 

But in those posts on Pride, I have admitted to not being into them. It was well and good in my early-mid 20s, but when it became more of vendor fair, I was just annoyed. ......which really isn't that rare. 

Still, there are times one must go. Last one was during a SCOTUS case, and yesterday it was about....well, everything!  We as a country - and especially Ohio - are in line to get our rights stripped away. First trans, for sure, then the rest of us. 

I felt it important to show strengths in numbers. 

While I'm glad I went, I didn't know my N of 1 meant a thing. Cleveland Pride is far more robust than it was a decade ago. It was piddly and sad. They moved places where they were not limited due to Lake Erie not letting them expand. The view above was just one of two spaces relatively the same size. Both nicely populated. One area had most of the commercial vendors; the other had more of the healthcare, political, social issue stands. 

It was a perfect day for it. Hot outside of downtown - like 87 - but a huge wind downtown that kept it cooler, not a cloud in the sky. 

I considered being a dick (what?  ME??) to take pics of all the vendors, since the Right hates anyone who supports Pride. But why bring vitriol to companies trying to support us, even if it is only for our $$$.  The backlash to them just means no visible support going forward. 

Oh, and there was a lot at which to look. Far more people on stilts than there should be. But being "unique" isn't an excuse for horrible make-up technique. It just isn't.  Most of the guys guys were just normal day schmoes , like me. 

But now and then, there'd be a "that" guy. 

Song by: U2


James Dwight Williamson said...

If there is an event and you have the time , it isn’t mandatory but it’s supportive. Like jury duty, voting and donating to political candidates like Sherrod Brown. It’s just the adult thing to do and one of the few things we as individuals can do to work for change

GregM said...

What, were you flying a drone over him? LOL

Travel said...

There is sometimes eye candy

Old Lurker said...

You went to Pride?? Never let it be said that nothing good came out of a DeSantis presidency.

I am glad you had a good time.

Ur-spo said...

Good for you for going! I think it is the right thing to show.